Want to retire in paradise? How four couples did it

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Here’s one way to cut retirement costs in half — just make sure you have a passport.

WorkWithEyram‘s insight:

Do you have to leave the country you so love in order to go and stay in another place after retirement just because your purchasing power reduces?


How about building an income stream that will continue to flow even after retirement?


If your option to relocate is not a forced decision but because of choice, you would definitely enjoy your retirement.


So what would you do now to ensure that you are safe in retirement?

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The Ultimate Cycler Review – Why I Did Not Join

Don’t fall for the hype: let this Ultimate Cycler Review guide you to make an informed decision whether to join or not. I analyze well research information that should aid you to make the all important decision to commit your money to this program or otherwise. I have followed the checklist to spot genuine or otherwise home business opportunities.

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A brief overview of how to determine whether an online business opportunity is genuine or not.

If the program is called a business opportunity, then,

1. The opportunity must have a product or service that meets people’s needs.

2. That the product or service offered by the program can be SOLD at a profit even if you do not want to take part in recruiting

3. You can choose to purchase products outside the program. By implication, you do not have to pay to register before you can buy products to use.

About the Ultimate Cycler

The program, Ultimate Cycler was founded by Peter Wolfing in February 2013. The company under whose umbrella the Ultimate Cycler operates is Multiplex Systems Inc, registered in the United States. Multiplex has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+ as at the time of writing this piece. As at 31st December, there are no complaints against at the Federal Trade Commission against Multiplex Systems Inc or the Ultimate Cycler. BBB ratings and FTC complaints status for this program makes it an attractive program to want to join.

The Products in the Ultimate Cycler Suit

When you sign up to the Ultimate Cycler, you have access to download mobile apps. This is what many affiliates of the program refer to as the products being sold under this program.

You cannot buy these mobile apps without being part of the program. You cannot sell the the mobile apps alone at a profit. The mobile apps appear to be an addendum if you join the Ultimate Cycler program.

The Ultimate Cycler Compensation Plan

The Ultimate Cycler pays out a 100% commission in a 2×2 forced matrix. You can join the program with $25.00. When you join with $25.00, you are required to recruit 2 people to qualify for your commissions. When these 2 people recruit their two people, you get paid $100.00. You can move to the next cycle . In the next level, you need to pay $50.00 and recruit 2 people just like the first level to qualify. Before you pay the $50.00, you need to upgrade by paying a fee of $10.00. The program operates like a cash gifting scheme which can be easily considered a ponzi or pyramid scheme.

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What SEC has to say about pyramid Schemes

Payment is made to your upline who unlocks your backoffice. Affiliates of the program state that, the creators of the program have a system in place to track all these sign ups to ensure that the system does not crush down.

The diagram below can help you understand the compensation plan of the Ultimate Cycler program.

Picture of the ultimate cash cycle

Online Review

This program has not received enough reviews online. A search in google reveals 366,000 matches with the word ultimate cycler as at 1st January 2014. This is a bit surprising for  a company that boasts 40,000 members as at August 8, 2013.

Why I did not Join – And Why You Should Be Cautious If You Want to Join Ultimate Cycler

1. There is not enough information from the Ultimate Cycler site to show that you can purchase their products without buying the opportunity.

2. You cannot make profit by selling only the products of in the Ultimate Cycler suit chiefly, mobile apps referred to on the company’s website as “products.” This raises serious concerns. One of the chief reasons why FTHM was named a pyramid scheme and shut down was the fact that, the distributors could not make money selling the products unless they recruited people to join the program. This is similar to what is going on in the Ultimate Cash Cycler.

Though the company has great BBB ratings and no FTC complaints, I would not join because it is a matter of time. I would not want to destroy the brand I have struggled to build over the years by relating with a company which appears to be breaking the law.

Finally, my guts tell me not to go ahead. Usually, it turns out correct in the long run when I listen to my guts.

Do you have questions about the Ultimate Cycler that I have not addressed? Feel free to ask. If you find this post useful, share it your friends and loved ones. Also, leave your comments if you have had any good experiences with the Ultimate Cycler Program.

How to Easily Make 10000 dollars a day online

There will be no hype in this post. I am not selling anything to you. I just want to show you how you can make US$10,000.00 a day online working from home. Before you go away, let me state this. I you think I am about to promote some get rich quick program, forget it. I am here to show you simply how you can make US$10,000.00 a day with your online business. And yes! It is possible. This is great advice that will help you in your quest to make money whether online or offline.

A Little Background

Some days back, the veil was removed. I discovered the real secret to make money when my wife had a tooth ache. The pain was so terrible. She could not sleep. A thousand times, she would wake up, walk around in the room and not know what to do with herself. She was in too great a pain to cry. No pain killer could stop the pain. What can I do in the middle of the night? Though I was not the one in pain, I can imagine what she was going through. I have never seen someone experience such pain. The morning was not fast coming. Thank God! The morning which was late in coming, finally arrived. We prepared hastily and got to the hospital.

When the Dentist arrived, he examined my wife. He suggested we go for an Xray. We did it. Then he asked that we buy some drugs. We did it. Then he asked that we do a RCT. Only God knows what that was then. We did it. He asked my wife to open her mouth, she did it. Then he put some instruments in there. Puff. I got the root. The dentist screamed. Then he turned to my wife. You will not experience the pain anymore. Tomorrow about this time, you can start eating anything you want. When you are ready, you can come to have your tooth crowned. We thanked the Doctor, paid our bills and started our journey home. We loved the dentist for solving our problem. That was even after we had paid him so much money. Lol

Three days after we visited the hospital, we did not discuss the crowning of my wife’s tooth. We only remembered it when we were discussing what happened in the week.
It was then that everything became clear. It was then I realized that you can make a lot of money online or offline. You can actually make $1,000,000.00 a day online. Everything we were asked to do by the dentist was easy to do. Where it required money, I found the money. I hated the pain that had captured my wife’s joy and happiness. All I wanted to do was to GET RID of the pain so that my wife can begin to enjoy the pleasure of normal health.

I just shared the secret to making $10,000.00 in one day. Identify a market in INTENSE PAIN and provide the PAIN KILLER at a price. If the perceived value outweighs the cost, people will rush to pay for it and you will make your money.

Attraction Marketing System

Let me repeat it again in another way so that it sinks. If you want to make money online or from home, provide great value. If you want to make $10,000.00, make sure the value you are rendering is worth US$100,000.00. People will pay for the value they get from you, and they will love you for it.

Have you learnt anything new? What else would you have wanted me to add?

Eyram Hlortsi
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